Hosting & Catering services


Mettänväki offers professional catering services. Our chefs and waiters have decades of experience about creating unique local dishes and serving them. We prefer local ingredients. Every catering event is designed  by customers wishes and we operate in Villas, cabins and open fire.  From breakfast buffet to late night five dish dinner. And if needed our staff will provide service 24H.


For the customers who want all-encompassing service from the airport thru their visit, we have designed a service which includes all around the clock hosting. We are liked and trustworthy supplier in the lapland region. The host can also work as a driver because his/her local knowledge its easier and faster to act. You can give us ready made plans and settled activities or we can design a visit  with accommodation (Villas, hotels etc), transports, activities, catering and clothing so your customer has to only book the flights.

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