Sacred region

Gooselodge is located next to Pyhä fell on the beach of Pyhä lake ( Pyhä= sacred, holy). In the middle of arctic wilderness, our neighbors have horns and furry coats (reindeers, rabbits etc). Gooselodge is excellent place to find out where the Finnish SISU comes from and also where Finns find their happiness (World happiness report 2018)

Gooselodge the hide-out of the Forest folk

Gooselodge serves customers as an Cafe & lunch restaurant in winter season but we also have four cabins for accommodation. On winter season lodge is open 10-17 daily. Lodge is runned by Mettänväki ( Forest folk). Mettänväki is lappish adventure company. Our slogan is ”nature is our playground” Mettänväki provides different kind of activities in Levi, Ylläs and Gooselodge. With Mettänväki in Glooselodge you can experience arctic ice fishing, snowshoe trips to the sacred fell or be amazed by the northern lights. Location of gooselodge is superb because we don’t have electricity so no light pollution :).

Summer and autumn the land of the nightless night

If you are interested how Finnish used to life decades a go before internet, electricity, or need to run everywhere like de-headed reindeer we offer you a excellent opportunity to do that and spent ”time with out the time”. Summer time we offer accommodation in lodges small cabins. Feel free to fish, collect berries, just sit and amaze the views of the lake and fells. Say hello to the sun even in the middle of the night. Gooselodge provides full service from arrival to departure (airport (Kittilä) or train station (Kolari)), with all meals (breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner and night snacks) and accommodation (not forgetting sauna). Also services like sight-seeing, canoe/cayak trips, guided hikes etc.

More info and reservations or +358 45 174 2748