Mettänväki comes from old Finnish and Sami beliefs and its free translation is Forest Folk. For us it is honoring the nature and it inhabitants, in the nature theres room for everyone and it feeds us with unique experiences and tastes. For us this is not a job this a way of life. So in our office the wallpapers are all the time changing, and air we breath is one of the purest in earth (only one place the south pole has air like this).

And because both of the owners are chefs, theres no place in life where food taste the same. Dish made of local ingredients and cooked in open fire, enjoyed  on top of the fell or beach of the river. This is living.

Our folk:


Our peaceful and always smiling, but fast ”Amma” can be spotted in Gooselodge but also in the horns of snowmobile or climbing a fell up withe her snowshoes. Amma guides and serves customers in english, finnish and german. Amma also takes care some of our weekly programs.




The spirit of gooselodge. Antti is a excellent cook so his place is naturally the kitchen of the lodge. With this social carelian its easy to get friends with. Of course its possible to spot Antti ice fishing with a group. Summers Antti spent in Koli National parks Kiviniemi. Antti serves customers in english and finnish




Jukka is responsible of Forest folks operational stuff. He also does Forest Folks marketing, sales and hosts our Vip’s. Its possible to meet Jukka in Gooselodges kitchen. He also takes care of dishes made on open fire. Jukka serves in english and finnish. Jukka is the one who takes the customers see northern lights, he has developed an eye for taking pictures about the lights.
Jukka also serves in Forest Folks maintenance company Levi Services villas and cabins.




Lauri is our technical superman. He also takes care of logistics of the company. Lauri serves customers in transfers. He takes care of forest folks equipment and all real estates. Also can be seen taking care of customers skies in gooselodge. Lauri serves in english and Finnish and also in forest folks maintenance company Levi Service.




Our small superwoman can be seen on snowshoes, snowmobile or taking care of our vip-customers. Her serving languages are English and Finnish but she also understands german so be aware:). Riikka also takes care of some office stuff among Jukka

Among this crew we have couple of ”visiting stars” to make sure that all services go smoothly and safely. In our hosting services we have also security personnel (bodyguards etc.) , catering personnel (chefs, waiters/waitreses)




is the companys ice breaker. This golden retriever loves everybody and is easy to get friends with. Lyyli just loves swimming, in the summer all the muddiest ponds and in the winter  diving to the snow. From some unknown reasons Lyyli doesn’t tolerate reindeers??


Now you know us, so come with us and get to know the arctic


Our office (our office is not open always so please call before you arrive): 

Our office is located next to S-market. And because our yard is quite small we kindly ask you to leave your car to the s-markets parking lot. Thank you 🙂

Mettänväki Oy / Forest Folk Ltd

p. +358 45 1742748

Gooselodge p. +358 40 726 5546

Address to our office:

Leviraitti 5 H 914, 99130 Sirkka